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Notary Public Services in Winnipeg:

At Pollock & Company, each lawyer is a notary public licensed by the government to witness signatures, verify identities, and certify true copies of documents.

Our skilled Winnipeg lawyers hold official government licenses. They offer a comprehensive range of notary services with a focus on professionalism and integrity. The primary focus is on witnessing signatures on various documents, and we take meticulous care to verify the identity of the individual signing. Our commitment extends to ensuring that signings are conducted without any hint of duress or intimidation.

In addition to signature witnessing, our notary services encompass the crucial task of certifying true copies of original documents. This process involves thorough attention to detail, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of certified copies. With our dedicated notary public services, you can trust us to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and legal expertise in handling your document verification needs.

Everything you need to know about notary services

There are many instances when you may need notary public services to witness the signing of documents or produce certified original copies. In Manitoba, the role of a notary is to authenticate the validity of copies of original documents and act as an impartial witness to the signatures of documents, verifying that they were signed willingly and knowingly. At Pollock & Company, each of our local Winnipeg lawyers is authorized by the Manitoba Government to provide notary services.

What is a notary public?

A notary public is an individual with the legal authority to certify documents and witness signatures to help ensure the validity of documents under Manitoba common law. The role and powers of notaries vary by jurisdiction. In Manitoba, a notary public differs from commissioners for oaths by having the authority to certify true copies of documents and witness documents sent to other provinces and countries around the world. Commissioners for oaths, by contrast, are limited to witnessing signatures on documents that are staying in Manitoba.

Why Do I Need a Notarized Document?

Notaries play an important role in the legal system by deterring fraud and safeguarding the validity of the legal process. By formally certifying copies of documents and witnessing signatures, notaries help ensure signatures are made by the proper person and without undue coercion from other parties. Certifying true copies of original records assists in situations where it is impractical to send the original document.

What types of documents may require notarization?

Common examples of documents that require notarization in Manitoba include photo IDs such as passports and driver’s licenses, diplomas, degrees, certificates, statutory declarations, letters of invitation, and educational applications.

What Steps Are Involved in Getting a Document Notarized?

After booking your appointment, your notary will require that you bring a piece of government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. In cases where the notary is acting as a witness, you will also need to bring in the original unsigned documents so that the signature can be formally witnessed.

Should you require certified copies of your documents, a notary can copy the original for you, complete with an official seal verifying it as a certified original copy. It is important to note that a notary cannot certify a true copy of a photocopied document; it has to be original. A notary cannot verify the truth or contents of documents. It is up to the individual to ensure that the document is correct.

While the cost of notaries varies, most notary public services incur only a small fee.

Where Can I Get a Document Notarized in Winnipeg?

In Manitoba, notary public services can only be performed by authorized notary publics entrusted by the provincial government. Every lawyer at Pollock & Company is authorized to provide notary public services and possesses the skills and knowledge to answer your questions. Contact us to book an appointment with our friendly and experienced Winnipeg team.

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