Theft & Fraud

Offences of theft and fraud cover a wide variety of circumstances that include shoplifting, price-switching, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, identity fraud, bank fraud and more.

Theft and fraud differences

Theft and Fraud - Criminal Lawyer Winnipeg - Winnipeg Lawyers - Pollock & CompanyThe difference between a theft or fraud charge and a breach of trust theft is that there is a relationship of trust between the person who steals and the person that they steal from. To be convicted of fraud, several elements will have to be proven without a reasonable doubt. It must also be proven that a person deprived the individual with a form of deceit or falsehood and that the person intended to defraud the individual or had knowledge that the behaviour would result in deprivation of the item.

Penalties for theft and fraud

Penalties for theft and fraud are based on whether the value amount is over $5,000 or under. With sentencing penalties, the value of the fraud or breach of trust is considered along with the sophistication of the scheme, planning is involved as well as complexity. Given the seriousness of the breach of trust, jail time is typically sought by prosecutors.

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