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Notary Public in Winnipeg:

At Pollock & Company, each lawyer is a notary public licensed by the government to witness signatures, verify identities, and certify true copies of documents.

Our skilled Winnipeg lawyers hold official government licenses. They offer a comprehensive range of notary services with a focus on professionalism and integrity. The primary focus is on witnessing signatures on various documents, and we take meticulous care to verify the identity of the individual signing. Our commitment extends to ensuring that signings are conducted without any hint of duress or intimidation.

In addition to signature witnessing, our notary services encompass the crucial task of certifying true copies of original documents. This process involves thorough attention to detail, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of certified copies. With our dedicated notary public services, you can trust us to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and legal expertise in handling your document verification needs.

Everything you need to know about notary services

The functions of notaries public vary across Canada. In Manitoba, a notary public is a person authorized to witness documents and to certify copies of original documents. Unlike commissioners for oaths, notaries can witness documents that are sent worldwide. Most lawyers are notaries and charge a small fee for the service.

A photo ID is needed as identification verification when a notary is witnessing a signature. The witness must sign in front of the notary.

Copies of original documents are made where it is impractical to send the original or where an institution, such as a government agency or a university, requires that a copy be notarized. A notary cannot certify a copy of a copy; the original document must be produced.

A notary cannot verify the truth or contents of documents. It is up to the individual to ensure that the document is correct.

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