The Legalese Bog

December 1, 2015 Published by

As a lawyer, it is so easy to find myself in the legalese bog. What is the legalese bog? It is the written and verbal language used by the legal profession and filled with legal terms such as “examinations for discovery”, “mitigation of damages”, “apportionment of liability”, “pre-trial conferences”, “family property references”, etc., not to mention Latin terms such as adjournments sine die or volenti non fit injuria!

Sometimes, lawyers drift into the legalese bog when discussing personal injury, medical malpractice or family law cases with clients, often unknowingly, and lose communication with their clients in the process. It is so important that the lawyer communicates with the client in a manner that is clear and understandable. Plain language is now encouraged in legal documents and in meetings with clients. Many courts including our Manitoba courts have long replaced the former Latin terms with terms that everyone can understand. An adjournment sine die is an adjournment without date, for example.

At Pollock & Company, we will do our best to ensure that our communication with you is clear and meaningful so that together, we can avoid the legalese bog and maintain a course to achieve your goals.

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