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Assault chargesAccording to Statistics Canada, there are almost 500 reported assaults per 100,000 people in Canada. An assault charge can come in many different forms.

Assault charges and penalties vary widely. What you are going through might not be the same for the next individual. If you are in urgent need of assistance with an assault charge, contact us immediately through our emergency criminal law line anytime, 24/7/365 at 204.997.3967.

What defines an assault?

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, an assault is committed:

  • When a person applies force intentionally to another person, without their consent
  • When a person threatens to apply force to another person by an act or gesture
  • When a person accosts another person while openly carrying a real or a fake weapon

There is a wide variety of assault charge types. The most common types of assault in Canada include:

Simple assault:

Assault chargesA basic charge can range from something as simple as a shove to something more serious, such as a bar brawl.

Assault causing bodily harm

In contrast to simple assault, this type of assault applies when physical violence was used and as a result someone got hurt.

Assault with a weapon

An assault with a weapon happens when someone carries, uses, or threatens to use a weapon to cause bodily harm. An offence of assault can also occur when someone is threatening another person with a weapon. Force does not need to be applied

Aggravated assault

This type of assault involves severe, in most cases, life-altering injuries.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is a serious offence that occurs when sexual contact is made with a person without their consent. Any unwanted touching, rape, sexual abuse, and groping are all forms of sexual assault.

How an assault charge can change your life

Assault chargesAn assault charge, even a simple one, is a serious concern. That is because it is considered a crime of violence. It can impact different aspects of your life and hamper your ability to reach your full potential. Here are some of the ways an assault charge can negatively impact you:

  • A charge on your criminal record can interfere with your ability to land a job. Potential employers have a right to investigate your criminal record and may not hire you;
  • When it comes to child custody, a criminal charge can reduce your rights;
  • A criminal record may even prevent you from renting a home. A landlord may refuse to rent to you if you have a record.

The legal team at Pollock & Company are dedicated to seeking the most favourable outcome for those involved in an assault case. Contact Pollock & Company office today for a free consultation or for emergency assistance, call us immediately at 204.997.3967.

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