What Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Lawyer?

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Hiring a lawyer is essential when you face particular circumstances in your life, such as a personal injury or divorce. When hiring a lawyer for the first time, you may be unsure what to look for and exactly who to hire. Below are a few examples of qualities you should look for, to hire the best lawyer for your legal needs. A lawyer will be willing to offer you a free consultation to review your case and provide legal assistance.

Good Communication

One characteristic to look for in a lawyer is excellent communication skills. A lawyer must have good oral articulation skills as well as be able to write effectively. Communication is critical when arguing or negotiating your case. Public speaking skills are a must to ensure that your case will be heard and efficiently handled. The lawyer is representing you, and must be able to speak eloquently and in such a way that will provide you with a voice in court.

Excelling in communication includes being able to talk to you about your case. Legal terms can be hard to understand. Your lawyer needs to be able to explain what is going on with your situation. The lawyer should be able to tell you how your case is progressing and what steps he or she is taking to ensure you are kept properly informed. Selecting a lawyer with good communication skills will allow you to be able to stay in the know and prevent any uneasy feelings with how your case is moving along.

Analytical Skills

A lawyer needs to be able to use his or her analytical skills to review your situation and come up with the best form of action based on your case. A lawyer must be able to analyze everything and look at a situation from every angle. The lawyer must absorb vast quantities of information and then use the knowledge to build a solid case.  Every situation is different, so a lawyer must be able to look at each case and create a solution for you.

On top of being analytical, a lawyer must also be proficient with legal research. Each case will require specific knowledge, such as local laws, federal laws, example cases, etc. By having the ability to research thoroughly, a lawyer can provide the necessary background information needed to win your case.

People Skills

To be able to convince a judge of your position, a lawyer needs to have developed people skills. The lawyer needs to be persuasive and personable with everyone involved in a courtroom proceeding. Having the right people skills will allow the lawyer to react and appropriately interview witnesses, as well as when speaking to the judge.

Knowing what to look for when hiring a lawyer will ensure you have the right person working for you. For more information on legal services, contact Pollock & Company. The lawyers of Pollock & Company will be able to assist you with all your legal needs.

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