An in-depth look at contractual dispute litigation

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An in-depth look at contractual dispute litigation - Contractual Dispute Litigation Lawyers Winnipeg - Winnipeg Lawyers - Pollock & CompanyContract law is at the heart of commerce between individuals, businesses, and all other groups. If something goes wrong with a sale, project, business deal or any other situation that involves a an agreement, you may need the help of a team of experienced contractual dispute litigation lawyers.

What is a contractual dispute?

Contractual disputes usually arise when one party does not comply with its obligations to another party. There may be differing interpretations of what is required or expected within the contract. Or, in some cases, one of the parties may breach the terms of their contract.

In all these situations, disagreement can arise, and processes must be followed to determine harm, establish damages, and provide adequate compensation for any parties that were negatively affected by the dispute.

What options are available for resolving contractual disputes?

There are multiple options available for resolving contractual disputes. Here are the most used methods.


An in-depth look at contractual dispute litigation - Contractual Dispute Litigation Lawyers Winnipeg - Winnipeg Lawyers - Pollock & CompanyDirect negotiations between the two parties can result in a resolution of the problem. For example, the party that breached their contract could offer monetary compensation. If the other party accepts this claim, they may end the dispute.


Mediation, as opposed to negotiation, is a formal process conducted under the law. A third-party mediator is used to assist in negotiations and help both parties come to an equally acceptable and amicable resolution to the contractual dispute.

Legal action

If negotiation and mediation are not successful, legal action may be taken, usually in the form of civil litigation. This is typically the option of last resort, but is necessary in some cases, such as when an offending party refuses to provide compensation or is not willing to enter negotiations or mediations.

Is it better to resolve contractual disputes outside of the legal system?

An in-depth look at contractual dispute litigation - Contractual Dispute Litigation Lawyers Winnipeg - Winnipeg Lawyers - Pollock & CompanyThis depends on the situation, the amount of money involved, and several other factors. However, it is usually faster, simpler, and more efficient to simply negotiate directly or go through mediation during contractual disputes.

Most people and companies prefer to resolve disputes outside of the legal system for these reasons. In most cases, legal action is taken as a “last resort” after negotiation or mediation have both failed.

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